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1- Parties


Service Provider: airportsidetransfer.com 

Travel Agency: Okudan Tourism Co.

Licence No: 10503


airportsidetransfer.com that offers transfer and tour service via online booking shall be referred to as “Firm”.


The individuals with his/her name-surname in the online booking shall be referred to as “Customer” with other passengers represented by this individual in the same booking.



2- Subject


This agreement is signed between the firm and the customer. The service provided by the firm is taken with a booking record and the service content is explained in detail on the related pages of the website. The services not included on the website will be evaluated based on demands and meetings with the customer.



3 - Agreement Duration


This agreement shall enter into force when the related booking is confirmed by the firm. This agreement shall be terminated when the specified service is provided on a specified day and time to the customer.



4- Payment and Invoice Information



If “cash payment in the vehicle” is selected as the payment option during booking, the customer shall be liable for the payment as s/he receives the service.


If the customer opts for payment with a credit card, s/he can use the virtual POS on the website. If there is no virtual POS, the customer shall use one of the other credit card payment collection methods provided by the firm.


The invoice shall be delivered in the vehicle or send via e-mail when the customer sends the invoice request and related information.



5- Cancellation, Change and Refund Procedure


Following the cancellation request:


- 100% refund will be made if there are more than 24 hours before providing the service.


- 50% refund will be made if there are 12-24 hours before providing the service.


- No refund will be made if there are less than 12 hours before providing the service.



6- General Provisions


The firm notifies the customers in case of any situations (traffic accident, traffic jam, mechanical malfunction, weather conditions, safety precautions, force majeure etc.) that prevents providing the service and makes a 100% refund.


All passengers taking the transfer service are insured and all health costs in case of an accident or accident-related injury shall be recompensated within the limits of the insurance policy.



7- Enforcement


This agreement consists of 7 articles and signed as 2 copies. In case of any conflicts arising from this agreement, the articles under the 4925 Road Transport Code shall be applied. Antalya Manavgat Courts and Execution Offices shall be entitled in case of any conflicts arising from this Agreement. I declare to accept to read and understand this Agreement for myself and/or individuals specified in the booking form. This declaration is valid if the booking operation has been completed and/or signed by someone else. I declare and accept the accuracy of the information provided in the booking form as the “Customer” and read and understood all the information on the firm’s website.