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Shared Transfer

The transfers between Antalya Airport and Side is a shared transfer where the passengers whose plane landing / departure times are close to each other share the same vehicle.

Shared transfers are more affordable than private transfers.

Shared Transfer Operation from Antalya Airport to Side

-          Passengers with at most 45 minutes between arrival and who have selected shared transfer will use the same vehicle for transfer. To give an example, the time between the arrival time of the first passenger and the last one will be a maximum of 45 minutes. The waiting period for the first passenger will be at most 45 minutes.

-          Our airport staff will be waiting for you at the terminal exit. You will see our staff with a welcome sign with our Airport Side Transfer logo.

-          When all the passengers are ready, the vehicle will travel from the airport to Side.

-          All passengers are transferred to their hotel/address.

Shared Transfer Operation from Side to Antalya Airport

-          Our passengers with shared transfer booking will share the same vehicle with other passengers with at most 1.5 hours between flight departures.

-          The most ideal pick-up time is selected for each passenger. Each passenger catches the flight easily without any delay.

-          You can choose your pick-up time when you book your transfer. If there is another passenger and if your pick-up time changes, you will be notified about the changes at least 3 hours before your transfer.

Will my shared transfer booking be cancelled if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, you need to notify us. We have to complete the transfer in order not to keep the other passengers waiting. If you miss your shared transfer, you can book our other shared transfers. But if we don’t have a shared transfer for your new arrival time, we can only provide you private transfer service. You need to notify this beforehand and confirm your new booking.