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VIP / Private Transfer

The transfer service with a private vehicle without waiting is called VIP/private transfer.

You can freely choose your pick-up time. Your vehicle will be at your door at your selected hour.

We are offering our services 24/7 from airport to Side and from Side to airport.

Our entire fleet consists of the new model and comfortable vehicles.

All our drivers are experienced and professional individuals in the passenger transfer field.

Antalya Airport - Side transfer duration is approximately 1 hour. The average distance is 65 km.

Antalya Airport Titreyengöl transfer: 60 min - Distance: 68 km       

Antalya Airport Sorgun transfer: 60 min - Distance: 66 km                 

Antalya Airport Kumköy transfer: 55 min - Distance: 60 km               

Antalya Airport Evrenseki transfer: 55 min - Distance: 57 km             

Antalya Airport Çolaklı transfer: 50 min - Distance: 55 km    

Antalya Airport Gündoğdu transfer: 45 min - Distance: 55 km             

Antalya Airport Kızılağaç transfer: 65 min - Distance: 75 km                       

Antalya Airport Kızılot transfer: 65 min - Distance: 80 km    


How Does VIP/Private Transfer from Antalya Airport to Side Operate?

-          When your flight lands, our staff will be waiting for you in front of the terminal exit.

-          You will see our staff with a welcome sign with our “Airport Side Transfer” logo.                  

-          When you meet our airport staff, s/he will accompany you to your vehicle.

-          When the vehicle picks you up, you will be directly transferred to your hotel.

How Does VIP/Private Transfer from Side to Antalya Airport Operate?

-          At your selected pick-up time, our vehicle will pick you up from your hotel/address.

-          You will be directly transferred to your hotel.

What is the difference between VIP Transfer and Private Transfer?

We use VIP designed or Business designed vehicles for VIP transfers.

We use standard designed vehicles for private transfers.

What should I do if my flight delays?

If you flight delays, you need to notify us about this situation. We will wait with our vehicle for your new arrival time.

You can ask all your questions about airport transfer. We would be happy to help you.